Remember holidays and sending postcards? The excitement of the postman delivering postcards from friends or family visiting a far away place... A snapshot of the location and a brief explanation of their adventures. All on a little piece of card that travelled a huge 'DISTANCE' across the globe to bring you the news.

Well, we'd love to hear from you with snapshots of your current lived reality. Create your postcard in any medium you wish, send a vintage card or manipulate a contemporary one. We want Art Postcards from you

The "rules"?
1. It must be a traditional postcard size (6x8" or 148 x 105mm)
2. Write something on the back of the card. Maybe a brief explanation telling us where you are and what you are doing, an unusual story or interesting fact about your location.
3. Make sure you include your name and where the card has come from (City and country).

We plan to exhibit a collection of your Art Postcards from around the world here in Lanzarote: a location where traditionally postcards are sent from, not to. We hope to have a blended exhibition of the postcards that arrive here by 20th June 2021. Covid permitting, this will be a physical exhibition in Lanzarote and an online gallery for those around the world to see.

When the cards have been exhibited we plan to send them on a second journey, delivering them to another participating artist. When they arrive we will add the total 'DISTANCE' each postcard has travelled onto the text in the online gallery.

There are two ways to participate:
1. Free participation - simply make and send us your postcard to arrive by June 20th 2021. (Post takes around 3 weeks to arrive from mainland Europe)
2. If you wish to receive a return postcard from another artist there is a fee of €5 to cover admin and postage costs (you can pay via our page)
NB: The Lacuna Festivals is a not for profit organisation

To participate in either way please complete the form here.

We can't wait to receive your postcards!
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