Quiz : CRIC Training Urban Sustainable Development 22-23 July 2020
This training is organized in the framework of the CRIC project "Climate Resilient and Inclusive Cities", co-funded by the European Union.

The training is being delivered and developed by ISOCARP Institute centre for Urban Excellence.

The partners of the project are Pilot4dev and UCLG ASPAC (co-organizers), ACR+, Ecolise, University Gustave Eiffel and AIILSG.

Please answer the Multiple Choice Questions, but also your take aways of the different sessions at the bottom of the page. We will return to you as soon as possible.

Thanks for your participation !
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What is the purpose of the New Urban Agenda? *
Which of the following is not a dimension of sustainability? *
What can be the negative side effects of finance economy in cities? *
What economic model contributes to increased urban sustainability?Type *
Which of the following is not a constituent of vulnerability? *
What does the ‘mainstreaming’ in the context of environmental planning mean?
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In which category of Maslow’s hierarchy of needs do housing belong?
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What is the idea behind Land Value Capturing? *
What are typologies or elements of good urban places? *
What are important features of an integrated urban governance? *
What are highest levels of stakeholder engagement? *
Key take aways session 1 : Introduction Sustainable urban planning *
Key take aways session 2: Economic prosperity of cities and regions *
Key take aways session 3 : Planning for climate action & Improved urban environment *
Key take aways session 4: Inequality and Poverty reduction *
Key take aways session 5 : Urban governance *
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