Pink Cream Pie Blogger Application
About Pink Cream Pie
Pink Cream Pie is a store that specializes in 100% Original Mesh Clothing for women of a lighter, quirky nature. If you are interested in the Pink Cream Pie brand, please visit the portfolio first and browse around the website before making your choice to become a Pinky Pie Blogger.

We also require the use of Discord. This is not optional. This is where you submit your posts and interact with the team.


If you are interested in applying to be a blogger for Pink Cream Pie, please read over the rules and fill out the form on the next page.

Only those who followed the rules will be considered.

Updated: Sunday, March 25, 2018 @ 6:00P.M. CST
All applications will be considered with the following in mind:

• The blog/photo gets reactions.
* This includes but is not limited to, faves, views, likes, shares and genuine comments.
• Photos are high quality and clearly display the product being featured.
* Examples include showing close ups of shoes, nails, jewelry when blogging those items.
* Product is not covered in shadows or by other items.
• Frequency of blogging.
• The blog includes details about the items.
* Hyperlinks to stores within the game, Second Life.

Requirements and expectations:
• Blog and Avatar must be at least 1 year old.
• Must have one of the following women's mesh bodies.
* Maitreya, Slink, or Belleza.
• Must blog at least 2 products within a month.
* When an item is received, you have one week to blog it.
• Discord is required for communication.
* To submit your posts
* To request items to blog
• Must have at least one of the following blog type. We are willing to look at different types of blog platorms.
* Traditional Blog Website
* Facebook or Facebook Page
* Flickr
* Vlogging Channel
• Tag Pink Cream Pie appropriately depending on which social media platforms you are using.
* Flickr - Put your photo in the group pool and tag Vaygah Varriale
* Facebook - Tag the Pink Cream Pie page (@Pink Cream Pie)
* Blogs - Link appropriately to where readers can find the item.
• In the event that you will be going on vacation or taking a break, you must let us know.
* If you are inactive for 1 month you will be removed from blogger status, unless special circumstances arise.

By applying, you are agreeing to all of the statements mentioned above.

Thank you in advance for applying and please note that it is not guaranteed that you will be accepted as a blogger.
We look forward to going over your application! ♥

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Do you have Discord? If not, you will be required to download it if accepted. *
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