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Terms and conditions
The grading fee covers the cost of the grading which includes a British Taekwondo Certificate. All certificates must be kept safe as they will need to be presented for the black belt grading application.
All participating athletes are required to have a valid licence in order to take part in the grading- No licence no grading

Misplaced certificates will be charged at £7.50.
Belts are priced at £5.00 upon passing the grading.

Code of conduct
Gradings are an opportunity for students of all ages to demonstrate what they have learnt in order to progress to their next belt. The grading is carried out with exam like conditions. The following will result in a automatic failure. Students who fail their grading under the following examples (not limited will not be refunded their Grading fee and will not qualify for a Re-test fee.
- Misbehaving during or whilst other members are grading
- Consistent Talking which disturbs others concentration( Students who are not grading can practice in quiet)
- Arriving Late to a grading.
- Not having a complete suit
- Non sportsmanship like behaviour
- Bullying another member
- Showing a lack of control during contact situations unless full contact has been approved

Gradings are marked by an external examiner to ensure fairness and non bias. The result of the grading will be final
Licences and membership
All licences must be up to date otherwise you/ child will not be able to participate due to insurance policy guidelines.
All grading fees must be paid in full before the grading takes place. All monthly membership fees must be up to date before taking part in the grading.
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