NAP Global Network South-South Peer Exchange Awards: Request to Host
Use this form if you are interested in hosting a NAP Global Network South-South Peer Exchange Award.

You may complete this form in any of the following languages: English, French, Portuguese, or Spanish.

Information about the individual requesting to host
Please provide the following basic information about yourself as the individual requesting to host the peer exchange.
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NAP focal point (name and contact information)
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Information about the Focus of the Exchange
Please provide the following information regarding the focus of the exchange that you would like to host.
What specific NAP-related topic or question would you like to learn about from a peer? Please provide a brief description. *
Examples of topics that countries have addressed in the past include (but are not limited to) institutional arrangements for NAP processes, financing implementation of NAPs, monitoring and evaluation in the NAP process.
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How would hosting a peer exchange inform your country's NAP process? Please briefly describe the current state of your country's NAP process, and how the exchange will inform future work. *
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Information about the organization of the exchange
Please provide the following information about the organizational aspects of the exchange.
During what meeting or event would the peer expert share his/her experience? *
Please briefly describe the event, its relationship to the NAP process, its objectives, and expected participants.
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On what dates would the meeting or event take place? *
Note: To ensure adequate time for selection of participating peer experts and organization of the exchange, we ask that requests to host be submitted a minimum of two months ahead of the event.
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Location of the event *
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Do you confirm your willingness to collaborate with the Network Secretariat to arrange the visit of a peer expert? *
The NAP Global Network would cover the costs of participation of the peer expert (travel, accommodation, incidentals), but support from the host to welcome him/her, ensure smooth visa application process as needed, and provide information on how the peer expert will be able to engage with you and your team during the exchange will be essential.
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