Louisville Art Workers' Wage and Salary Transparency Project
Thank you for participating in our project to share information about wages and salaries for art workers in the Louisville area. We feel that by getting a clearer, more transparent picture of the wage/salary landscape we can better asses how art labor in the Louisville area is either promoting equity and accessibility through its employment opportunities, or, is continuing to inadvertently discriminate along racial, gender, and/or class lines.

The responses of this form will remain anonymous but will appear in a publicly viewable document. As such, please only share the information you feel comfortable including. If you feel you are at risk of being outed and potentially face consequences for doing so, answer in a way that you feel safe about. This project is not intended to provide a perfectly accurate dataset, but instead, reveal general trends and trajectories that we can come together around: starting conversations that generate positive and sustainable change.

This project is based on the open-source spreadsheet created by Michelle Millar Fisher titled Art/Museum Salary Transparency 2019. Its author and hosts reserve the right to remove information it finds irrelevant or intentionally harmful to others.
What type of organization have you worked at?
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What was/is your annual salary or wage per hour?
Did you ever get a raise, and how long did you work before getting that raise?
Did you receive benefits of any kind?
What is your gender identity? (Male, Female, Nonbinary, Prefer Not to Say, etc).
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If you no longer work in the arts, would you consider wage/salary/earnings to be a major factor in why you looked for other types of employment?
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Do you receive additional income more/equal to your own from your family or spouse?
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If you still work in the arts, or at this position, would you consider your financial situation to be comfortable, or at least sustainable?
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