Westlake Academy Alumni Questionnaire
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What words of advice would you give current MYP/DP students?
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If you have graduated, please share with us here what you are up to now/where you are living?
What type of alumni event are you most interested in?
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Would you be willing to be a grade level captain and help in the planning of alumni events?
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If no, do you have any suggestions for people in your grad class that may be interested?
Would you be interested in being a guest speaker at Westlake Academy for current students?
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If yes, what topic(s) would you be interested in speaking on?
Would you be interested in providing mentorship to current WA students on college and career?
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Would you be interested in an internship opportunity with a Westlake Academy Community Partner?
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If yes, please give a brief description of the type of internship you are interested in/what your area of study is.
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