Autoptic 2020 Exhibitor Waitlist Form
Applications for Autoptic 2020 closed on April 15th, 2020. However, we are collecting exhibitor information for our waitlist, should more tables become available in the future. You can use this form to submit your information to the waitlist. Thank you for your interest in Autoptic!

# About Autoptic

Autoptic 2020 is a one-day festival of independent culture being held Saturday, August 15, 2020 at The Great Hall of Coffman Memorial Union in Minneapolis, MN. Applications are open to any and all artists, so please don't hesitate to apply. Once we start to receive applications, our jury will review and vote on them in an effort to select exhibitors that we think will be a solid fit for the event. All applicants who apply by April 15th, 2020 will be notified of the status of their application by May 1st, 2020. For more information about our application and curation process, please visit If you have any questions about the application or curation process, please feel free to contact us at
Exhibitor Name *
What name would you like to see used in our programs and promotional materials? Please make sure all spelling, capitalization and punctuation are correct. If you are applying on behalf of a collective/publisher/distro, please apply using your organization's shared name, even if you intend to list members separately in Autoptic 2020 program and promotional materials. Those names will be collected at a later date.
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Exhibitor E-mail *
Who should we contact directly with questions or information regarding your application?
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Exhibitor URL *
Please submit 1, (one), publicly accessible URL that contains images of and/or active links to at least 5 examples of your work. Please test your URL in your own browser to confirm that is hosted and accessible. The work hosted at and/or linked to from this URL is the work that our jury will use to assess your work during their assessments and subsequent voting. This URL does not need to be one that is set up specifically for this application, but please make sure your work and/or links to your work are clearly visible and identifiable. If you are applying on behalf of a collective/publisher/distro, you are not required to identify the creators of specific works submitted, as the submitted body of work will be assessed as a whole, not on the merits of specific individuals contributions. Please provide a complete URL, including http:// or https://, depending on how your site is configured.
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Exhibitor Bio *
Please provide us with a brief description or biography for the exhibitor in question. This copy may be used in Autoptic 2020 programing and marketing materials.
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Preferred Table Size *
We will do our best to accommodate your table request, but it will be subject to change based on the final number of selected exhibitors. In the event that we cannot honor your request, we will contact you with a list of alternative options that we have available. We will NOT be collecting any money until we have confirmed with each exhibitor what size table they have been assigned and they have given us the O.K. to place them at that size table. The prices listed here are for your own reference and planning. Once we've worked out our table assignments, you will receive an e-mail from us with a link to our payment page.
Exhibitor Type *
What type of Exhibitor are you? If "Other", please specify
If "Individual", please let us know what pronouns you use
Exhibitor Work *
What type of work do you do? (Please Check All That Apply)
What genre or genres would you say your work falls into?
Please choose all that you think apply to your work
Instagram Username
If you have an Instagram username that you'd like us to know, please tell us!
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Twitter Username
If you have a Twitter username that you'd like us to know, please tell us.
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Other Social Media Usernames
If you use other social media platforms that you would like us to be aware of, please let us know the service and username here.
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Are you currently planning on debuting new work at Autoptic 2020? *
As the show approaches, we would like to highlight new work that is debuting at the show in our programing, marketing and social media materials.
Do you create kid- or family-friendly work? *
We are hoping to have a specific area of Autoptic 2020 dedicated kid- and family-friendly work and would like to know which applicants may have work that could be included there. Please select YES even if all of your work is not kid- or family-friendly. We may be able to support specific work being placed in the all-ages area even if the artists themselves are not tabled in that area.
Would you be willing to participate in any programs or panels at Autoptic 2020? *
We are currently working up a few programming ideas and panels, and we're hoping to get exhibitors involved. If you'd be willing to participate in a panel or program, please let us know. You are not committing to anything here, we'd just like to know who'd be game for something like that...
Additional Information
Is there something else we should know about you that we haven't already asked? If so, let us know!
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