Data Visualization Community Survey 2018
Last year's survey of the data visualization community gave us great material to analyze and visualize. With over a thousand responses from various practitioners, it also revealed aspects of the survey that underserved some audiences. This year's survey has many of the same questions, so we can see if anything has changed in how data visualization is being done, but also some adjustments to better reflect these different modes of practice.

This survey is anonymous and the results will be released to the public on Github.

It's a long survey, but if enough of us take the time to answer all these questions, we'll all have access to the resulting dataset for visualization and analysis, and that means we'll all be able to better achieve success in this field.

Survey questions and final draft edited by Elijah Meeks but were based on much input from data visualization professionals all over. The anonymized results will be released publicly after the survey is closed.

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