Yearly review
A short questionnaire that keeps a digital record of your year. The yearly review is built to be a useful tool in tracking your progress from year to year. With it you can easily set and meet your goals in life and update yourself on a yearly basis.

It is built from a study of questionnaires for personality and personal development, used by experts in Psychology and Medicine.
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Where am i now, at this moment. *
Describe the place where you are. The room, the building, the area, the city, the country. Then describe the general society and your likes and dislikes.
Who am i today? *
Brief description of yourself including education, vocation, work, family life, beliefs and so on.
Who have i been? *
Briefly describe three achievements in the last seven years that you are most proud of.
Overall since last year, would i say i have made progress? *
What areas of my life would i love to see improvements? *
Choose wisely
Do i think i have what it takes to be an entrepreneur and/or a leader? *
Do you have the dependability, accountability and integrity it takes? Can you improve?
Where would i like to be 5 years from now? *
Go ahead and choose the kind of life you want to have, and then describe it.
Write out a plan for each area of life I chose above. *
Write out a short plan on how to improve in those areas of life that you picked in question 8 above, by next year.
Would I like to repeat this review every year? *
Do you think it will help you make progress?
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Have you ever received a letter from your past self before? It's amazing try it. Just write a letter to yourself.
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