Brewfest 2017 Brewer Feedback
We're not perfect - and I know we made some mistakes. But, we do try to always get better. Please take a few minutes and provide us with feedback, and make suggestions and comments. This is an informal, quick 13 question survey...
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What quantity of your product(s) did you bring to the festival?
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Was it enough product?
Please rank the sign-up process and pre-event coordination with you for this festival.
Not great/needs improvement
Easy/keep it as is
Do you have any suggestions on how to make this sign-up process better?
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In your opinion, please list the top three things that you think positively affected your experience at this festival:
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In your opinion, please list the top three things that you think negatively affected your experience at this festival (if any):
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Please rank how North Park was for the location of this year's festival.
Did not Like
Loved It
How would you rate the park access and load-in/out process for set-up and take-down?
Really difficult/not so great
Awesome/really great
How were your benefits of the festival:
Not great/needs improvement
Excellent/way to go!
No Opinion
Ice Service
Our marketing/publicity of the event
If you participated in the Judging, what feedback do you want to provide?
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What feedback can you give us about the People's Choice award?
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How would you rate the management/"customer service" of the festival?
Not great/needs improvement
Incredible/keep up the good work
We hope you'll join us again next year. Which location would be your preference for 2018?
Please give us any other feedback. Remember, we are not prefect, but try to please...!
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