Speech & Language Screening: 1-2 Years

Below you will find questions about your child's speech (saying sounds), expressive language (talking), and receptive language (understanding) skills. Answer each question and then press "submit form." After you submit the form, the link "view your accuracy" will appear. Click on it to see your results!

If your child is having difficulty with a certain skill, you will be provided with helpful resources so you can start working on that skill at home today!

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How old is your child?
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Is your child in speech therapy?
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Expressive Language Skills (Speaking)
Does your child use 30-50 words consistently
Is your child 60% intelligible to unfamiliar listeners?
Does your child imitate words easily?
Does your child's vocabulary increase each month?
Does your child speak using 2 word phrases?
Does your child ask simple questions?
Receptive Language Skills (Understanding)
Does your child point to body parts?
Does your child follow simple directions?
Does your child understand "no?"
Does your child point to pictures in books?
Does your child understand about 300 words?
Does your child listen to short stories?
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