PeopleDataLabs API Documentation Feedback

We are looking at ways to improve our documentation, so this survey is to try and gather feedback to help identify key areas of improvement with our current documentation.

Documentation Pages:

Expected Completion Time: ~5-10 min (10 questions, 4 pages)

We are offering a $10 Amazon gift card for completing all questions in the survey (limit 1 per participant, must have an active API Key to be eligible). Note that thorough responses may qualify you for a follow up opportunity to provide feedback that offers a higher value reward!
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What is your primary job function or role?
How often do you visit the documentation pages?
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How often do you use the documentation pages for the following purposes?
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Familiarizing with what different products do
Seeing how to solve specific tasks using our products
Checking API parameters, schema, and other technical reference information
Understanding the details how our products work and why they work that way
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Is there anything else you frequently use the documentation for?
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