CAIS++ Student Interest List
CAIS++ (pronounced “Case plus-plus”) will be a USC-recognized and Viterbi-affiliated student organization that will act as the student branch for the new Center for Artificial Intelligence in Society (CAIS - Through CAIS++, we will conduct community outreach (e.g. speaker/panel events) regarding AI and its potential for social good. In addition, we hope to plan biweekly student meetings to discuss ongoing research, and to create interdisciplinary research teams who will use computer science and AI techniques to combat pressing issues in society.

We understand that many graduate students may already be busy with their own work and may not be able to fully commit to working on more research projects. In these cases, we were hoping that these grad students could act as mentors to the undergrad students, and help point their research in the right direction. Deeper collaborations with grad students would also be welcomed!

If you are at all interested in getting involved with CAIS++ (or just want to receive email updates), please list the following information below:

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