Tanda Fall 2022 Registration Form
Please fill out this form to apply for the Tanda Fall 2022 program.

Deadline to register: Sunday, August 28, 2022

Registration is open to artists, curators, writers, researchers, and individuals motivated in self-directed and collective learning. It is open to individuals wanting help researching and thinking through a subject or their practice.

7 Session dates: One night a week, between week of September 19 through October 31, 2022
Meeting time: 6:30-8:30pm CST / 7:30-9:30pm ET
Meeting location: Online (Zoom)

6 individuals will be accepted to participate
Sessions will be open to the public
Free to register and participate

This program consists of 7 weekly sessions. The weekly sessions will be conducted one night a week. The actual weekly day will be determined by the cohort's availability once the application closes. Sessions will be conducted online via the Zoom platform. The first session will be cohort introductions and will be private. All following sessions will be presentations/discussions on the topic and will be open to the public. Sessions will be recorded only for the cohort's reference and will not be published online. Closed Captioning will be available. The member who chooses the week's topic will co-facilitate their own session. Accepted participants will be asked to provide headshot and 5-10 images of their work/topic for marketing purposes. Acceptance to the program will be based on participant availability and topic diversity/combinations.    

Tanda Fall 2022 will be co-facilitated by previous Tanda participant: Eva Mayhabal Davis. Eva participated in the Fall 2020 season with the topic: Collaboration and Cooperative Protocols.

For additional details about the Tanda program and for previous Tanda topic titles, please visit Chuquimarca.com/tanda or email info@chuquimarca.com

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