Bliss Dance Festival Performance
Bliss Dance Company is inviting female choreographers to offer their talents in this year's Bliss dance Festival. This festival will explore the question,

“What would the world be like if women were safe?”

as performers reflect on female sexuality and express it through dance arts. This is site-specific work that will inspire our community through the truth about female sexuality and its diversity. We are looking for professional choreographers who are reclaiming their narrative. Dancers who are inspired to express female sexuality on stage. We are looking for truth tellers!

Your artistic contribution would be a donation to the festival and build a lasting effect on the Bay Area Community.

Please fill this application out in its entirety. Submission deadline: May 31st, 2019
You can expect a response in the first week of June.

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For ages, sexuality has been defined for women. What does 'female sexuality' mean to you? How do you plan to express it, through dance?
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Are you available to present a finished dance piece before Sunday, July 14th 2019 by video submission?
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