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The Release D Reality Book Club is brought to you in association with Success through Soca and New Beacons Books. Anyone can join the book club, we will be reading self help and personal development non fiction books around the topic or resilience and the four components purposefulness, adaptability, social support and confidence.

If you are interested fill in this simple form and if add your postal address you will receive a free gift in the post.

We want to inspire more people to become readers, we want people to push reading up their priority list. And what better way to do this than with a club. As you will discover in many of the books we will be reading, creating accountability groups helps to make habits stick. Also as we learn we can support black businesses by purchasing our books from New Beacon books (where possible)

We know some of you are avid readers already what would be really good is for you to share your experiences, tips and tricks to getting through books and make the habit or reading stick.
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