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1. What has inspired your interest in worgen?
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Guild Themes
The Wolf Cult is a canon worgen pack RP guild, based on the Wolf Cult from lore.
We run and hunt on all fours. We are willing to share the curse with all found worthy.
We use shapeshifting to be our true selves and serve the pack in the forest, and walk unseen as humans in the city.
3. Will your character enjoy this setting? Why?
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Guild Rules
Players are expected to maintain quality roleplay etiquette. Do not MarySue, Metagame, or Godmod, and follow lore to the best of your ability.

Show respect. Evidence of griefing, defamation, spamming, trolling, harassing, or otherwise disrespecting another player will not be tolerated. Comments of prejudice against any sex, religion, race, etc will result in warnings and removal. Members are expected to be mature and respectful.

If you wish to engage in Erotic Roleplay, it is to be done privately with players over 18 years of age. ERPing publicly, or with a minor, will result in immediate termination.

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5. Which of these guild requirements have you fulfilled?
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