Real Talk Pre-Registration Form
Real Talk is a free charitable program that is designed to hit home with at-risk youth and provide the resources, funding, and support needed for Southern Nevada adolescents to participate in extra-curricular activities of their choice. Additionally, the participants will have the opportunity to hear the Program members real life "stories" in hopes to initiate behavior change in the youth.

Participants must be a minimum of eight years old in order participate in the program. All "Change One" meetings are held once a month at 4:30 pm at the Pearson Community Center located at 1625 West Carey Avenue North Las Vegas, NV 89032. Please refer to the calendar on our website for all upcoming future program dates.

There will be a maximum of 125 participants for each meeting. Should you not make the first group of 125, your registration will automatically be placed on the following month’s registration calendar. Once you have completed the registration on the next page You will receive a confirmation email in response to your request.

*** Additionally, once you complete the Pre-registration on the next page, please print and complete the full-registration packet under the forms section of this website and bring it with you to the next scheduled meeting and provide your completed packet to the Real Talk staff. ***

You must arrive at the Pearson Community Center no later than 4:00 p.m. as you will need to complete a full registration packet if you can not print a copy of our full-registration packet from this website, one will be provided for you upon your arrival to

our monthly meeting.

**Please note we will begin the Program promptly at 4:30 and participants will not be permitted to enter the program after 4:45pm. **

Thank you in advance for your cooperation.

Sheree D. Corniel
Executive Director

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