LatinXtensions 2021
Application for DHPCo's LatinXtensions 2021 mentorship and networking program. LatinXtensions is the only comprehensive culturally centered mentorship and networking program in the United States. The 12-month program advises emerging Latinx & Hispanic dance artists in developing their professional artistic practice. Capacity building focuses on non-profit management skills, producing, grant writing practice, equity best practices, engaging communities, fostering intrarelationships with cohort and guest speakers, coalition building, artistic excellence, and long-term career goals.

The program's second focus creates a network with other regional and national Latinx artists; thus developing a rich and thriving community support system of dance artists, presenters, curators, and collaborators. Other established Latinx , POC, and LGBTQ professional dance artists serve as guest speakers throughout the year, expanding the knowledge base and network of participants.

Requirements / Who is Eligible:
The program is open to any emerging self-identifying Latinx or Hispanic dance artist with under 5 years of self or organizational production experience and/or under 5 years of professional dance experience.

Artist must be residing in the San Francisco/Bay Areas for duration of cycle.

The program is not currently open to graduate, undergraduate, or high school students currently enrolled in a degree program, nor Ph.D or doctoral candidates, regardless of whether the field of study is related to artistic work. Currently not open to artist living outside of the United States.

Program runs between January 2021 – December 2021
* 3-hour monthly group meeting, third Thursday of every month 11am-1pm. Meeting are live in San Francisco, unless Covid restrictions continue in which case meeting will be via Zoom.
* 1-hour monthly 1-to-1 meeting with David Herrera (scheduled between mentee and director). Meetings can be live or via Zoom.
* Attending 1 performance every 1-2 months as a co-hort (or online presentation in the case of on-going Covid restrictions).Tickets for performances provided by program.

Announcements December 15, 2020.
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Why would you like to be considered for a program such as LatinXtensions? What immediate goals would you like to work on if selected? What are your own long term artistic goals? (400 words max) *
In terms of place and community, where do you see yourself in the current dance ecosystem in the Bay Area? How has the current dance field embraced you or failed you as a Latinx/Hispanic person? (300 words max). *
From a scale of 1 to 10, with 1 being the lowest and 10 being the highest, how supported do you feel by the professional dance community? *
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Optional: Work Sample. Please send us a link(s) to work samples. Work samples can be performance video, published or un-published writings, rehearsal footage, previous grant proposal. If video, no more than 4 minutes. You may choose multiple video works samples but may not exceed 4 minutes total. If a writing sample, no more than 2 pages. Give a brief description on how the sample represents your work, voice, or mission.
Optional: Work Sample #2.
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