2019 Africa Arts Forum Application for Artists
Do you have artistic talent and are passionate about art? Do you believe you want to be part of promoting Human Dignity in African Culture? Does your art bring out and uphold human dignity? Do you see that Art and Dignity have an inextricable bond? Are you between the ages of 10-30? If you have answered YES then Africa Arts Forum is for you!

Different Art including but not limited to; Fashion, jewelry, music, dance, instrumentals, spoken word, poetry, drawing arts, paintings, photographers and sculptures will be exhibited at the Africa Arts Forum which will be held at the Michael Joseph Centre, Safaricom in Nairobi, Kenya on Saturday, August 10, 2019.

Music and spoken word should be submitted in audio as demos .

Submission Guidelines
All submissions should:
1. Have a title (Name of the Art and Full name of the Artist (For e.g Song: Kweli by Kwetu Kendi),
2. Be original
3. Conform to the theme “Beauty of Art in Diversity”
4. Demos and spoken word scripts with the title used on this form must be sent to africa@wya.net

Deadline of Submission is Sunday, July 12, 2019, there shall be a review and on confirmation of acceptance registration fee of Kes 500 per artist is payable via Mpesa Paybill 559066, Account AAF2019.

Important: If applying as a group, each member of the group shall be required to pay the full submission amount of Kes 500

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