2017 Livable Communities Awards Nomination Form
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Please describe how this project is an example of one or more of the smart growth principles below:
a. Provides a variety of transportation choices
b. Supports a mix of appropriate land uses
c. Creates a diverse and affordable range of housing opportunities and choices
d. Supports walkable and bikable neighborhoods
e. Encourages community and stakeholder collaboration
f. Fosters distinctive communities with a strong sense of place
g. Makes development decisions predictable, fair and cost-effective
h. Preserves open space, parks, farmlands, natural beauty, and environmentally critical areas
i. Strengthens and directs development towards existing communities
j. Supports compact building patterns and efficient infrastructure design
k. Phenomenal/Innovative/Groundbreaking
l. Shows significant Leadership
m. Supports historically overburdened and underserved communities
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