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Hello friends & anemones! Thank you for your interest in Descent into Midnight. If you're here & you don't know what Descent into Midnight is, say if you have a friend who told you "hey we gotta check out this amazing game, there's sign-ups going on right now!" head on over to our website at We've just finished the first main draft of our playtest packet which has everything you'll need to start running the game!

We're looking for volunteers to playtest and promote Descent into Midnight. We love what we've got so far but we know we can always improve. When we publish this game, we'll want it as good as it possibly can be, and we want to be able to get it out in front of as many potential players as we possibly can. That's where you come in!

This is a chance for you to get early eyes on the game draft, dip your toes into Descent into Midnight, and start playing games. We'd appreciate any feedback you have for us and have a section at the back of the document with some instructions on how to give the best feedback. This is completely voluntary! If you just want to see an advance draft or check out the work we've done so far, that's cool too. Everyone who sends us feedback will get their name credited somehow. We're still new to this whole publishing thing so no concrete promises there, but it would be rad if we could say "here's all the amazing people who tested this & helped us make it as great as it can be!"

Additionally, we're looking for folks with platforms large & small who would be willing to promote Descent into Midnight. There is no obligation for this as well. We'll be running some kind of marketing campaign in the future once things are closer to publishing time, but it's never too early to start building hype. The more people interested in the project, the more eyes we have on it, the easier it will be to iron out anything we need to before publication. Also, we love this game, like REALLY REALLY love it, and we want to share that love with as many folks as we can.

This is a long preamble. Let's get to the sign up form! Please fill out this page as well as the next to complete the form.
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