BarcelonaJUG feedback [season '13]

Hi JUGger!

You have just land on the Java User's Group feedback form of the year 2013 !

Through this form you can help us, providing your opinion about all the different events we have organized in the last season.

It won't take you more than *3 minutes* to fill out the form and for the organizers it will be a great help -a lot- to know, among other things, if something gone wrong, in which topics are you really interesting, at what times and frequency of events do you prefer and how we can keep improving.

Of course we won't give your details to anyone.

Thank you for your time and support, ...we look forward to you this season!



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    Asciidoctor - improve our docs
    Let's talk about Play framework
    Intro to Amazon AWS
    Exploring Ceylon
    Graph Databases and Neo4j
    Workshop jBPM & Drools
    Introduction to Hadoop
    Getting started with Apache Camel
    Workshop with Apache Camel
    Introduction to Vaadin
    AWS workshop / Battlefield
    Intro to Walkmod
    BCNJUG Workgroup - Social APIs
    Introduction to Liferay
    Introduction to Apache Cassandra
    Java 8 Lambdas and Devices
    Mocks Will Be Assimilated [Workshop]
    Real-time with WebSockets and Spring
    Improving perf & scalabitlity - Coherence
    Reliable systems with BookKeeper
    WildFly 8 Community Presentation
    Eclipse Luna DemoCamp
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