Splash Day Choral Festival May 15, 2020
All Choirs May 15, 2020

Elementary, Middle School, Junior High and High School choirs are invited to participate in the Annual Splash Day Choral Festival held on campus at Texas A&M University-Commerce. Choirs will perform two to three pieces in the Texas A&M University-Commerce Music Building Finney Concert Hall and then have a day of fun at the Morris Recreation Center enjoying swimming, beach volleyball, and basketball. The Splash Day fun at the Morris Recreation Center will be open from 11:00-3:00. There is not a rain location for this event and refunds will not be possible. Awards will be given to each choir that earns a "gold" or “silver” rating and to the "Best in Class" choir in the Elementary, Middle School and High School Divisions. Awards will be announced at the Morris Recreation Center after all choirs have performed. A small concession stand will be available at the MRC, however lunches will not be available. Schools should make individual plans for lunch. Lunches may be eaten on the lawn in front of the music building. Pricing will be:
•Entrance fee $180 per choir
•Splash Day Fun Fee $10.00 per student
•Directors and Chaperons are free

Registration is open until April 17, 2020. The final balance and number changes are due on or before April 17, 2020. No refunds on student entrance fees will take place after April 17, 2020.

If you have any questions about either event call Dr. Hooper at 903-886-5284, or email at Randall.Hooper@tamuc.edu.
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After completing the registration, submit the $180 registration fee per performing choir. Payment should be mailed to: Texas A&M University-Commerce, Department of Music, Attention Randall Hooper, PO Box 3011, Commerce, TX 75429
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Chaperones and non-performers should not be included in this total. The splash day fun fee per student is $10.00 a student. If your students will not participate in the Rec Center activities, you do not have to pay this fee.
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