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Dance Competition Structure
Furrydelphia's dance competition will be a solo judged dance event. Contestants will have a maximum of 2 minutes to dance on stage before a live crowd to a piece of music of each contestant's own choosing. Individuals of all levels of dancing skill are encouraged to participate, however this competition is limited to FURSUITERS ONLY! Both full and partial fursuits are accepted. A partial consists of, at minimum, a head, handpaws, and tail.

To participate in the dance competition, you must first submit your application online. There will be no process of "accepting" or "denying" applications; if you intend to participate, simply fill out the form. A maximum of TWENTY dancers will be accepted on a first-come-first-serve basis.

Next, once you get to the convention, you MUST show up to the Main Events ballroom on Saturday for the Dance Competition Preliminaries. At that time you must provide us with an MP3 file of your chosen music piece, preferably by supplying us with a USB flash drive containing your selection, or by emailing your selection to furrydelphia@gmail.com with the subject line "Dance Competition."

During the Preliminaries we will play your piece of music through our sound system to make sure your selection sounds okay and plays through with no errors. If you wish, you may use this opportunity to practice your dance routine, either in or out of fursuit. Our panel of judges will NOT be present.

Finally, you MUST show up to the Main Events Ballroom on Sunday at least 15 minutes before the Dance Competition is scheduled to start. You will be seated at the front of the room, and will be called up in a pre-chosen order to perform your routine for our crowd and our panel of judges. Once you're done dancing, our judges will critique your performance, praising what they liked and suggesting avenues for improvement.

At the end of our event, we will bring all contestants to the front of the stage, and will announce a third, second, and first place winner.

Dance Competition Rules
1) Musical selections should be PG-13 rating at worst. Songs with excessive swearing or explicit sexual language will be rejected. If you'd like to use an adult song please find and use a "radio edit" version.

2) Dance routines should be PG-13 rating at worst. Any dancing of an overly-sexual or otherwise family-unfriendly manner will result in the contestant being disqualified and, depending on severity, barred from participating in future dance events at Furrydelphia.

3) Keep in mind you will only have TWO minutes to perform your routine. We suggest dancing to a song you know well and practicing your routine at home as well to keep it under two minutes. We also suggest simple edits to your musical selection to make sure it both starts and stops when you want it to. Once your music selection hits the two-minute mark it will be faded out.

4) The decisions of judges are final. Contestants who become argumentative with the judges or with other dancers will be disqualified and, depending on severity, barred from participating in future dance events at Furrydelphia.

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