FCPC Staff Evaluation - Congregation Survey
The annual staff review process is an opportunity to look forward to continuing God's work together at Falls Church Presbyterian Church, and is conducted by the Personnel Committee in accordance with the FCPC Personnel Manual. The congregation survey is an opportunity for members of the congregation and lay leaders who have contact with FCPC staff to help the Personnel Committee with this process, by identifying areas of success, opportunity and challenge for the staff and program areas of the church. These are annual evaluations, so please focus on events, activities and interactions over the past year, from May 2017 to May 2018.

Please take the time to complete a separate survey for each staff member for whom you wish to provide feedback. Please note that the survey is strictly confidential. Evaluations for Pastor Sledge will only be shared with the Personnel Committee. Evaluations for other staff will only be shared with the Personnel Committee and Pastor Sledge in his role as Head of Staff. However, if you have specific items you wish to convey directly to a member of the Personnel Committee, please provide your contact information at the end of the survey and a committee member will contact you directly.

If you have questions about this survey, please contact Theresa Brown, Elder and Chair of the Personnel Committee at taz67b@gmail.com.

What is the name and title of the staff member you are providing feedback for in THIS SURVEY? *
How much interaction have you had with this staff member over the last year. *
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Just about every week
Overall, how would you say this individual is doing in their job? *
Poor, needs a lot of improvement
Excellent, could not do a better job
How well do you feel this individual interacts with members of the congregation? *
Poorly, interaction is difficult
Excellent, shows Christ-like grace
What do you feel this individual does very well in their job? *
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Can you give an example of something this individual has done very well over the last year?
Please provide as many details as possible, while maintaining privacy for individuals involved.
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What areas do you think this individual could improve on? *
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If applicable, can you give an example where the individual could have handled a situation better?
This is meant to help identify areas for future improvement. Please remember that none of us is perfect, and be respectful and gracious while providing as many details as possible, and maintaining privacy for the individuals involved.
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Is there an opportunity you see over the next year for this individual to grow in their ministry and work at FCPC?
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If you would like a member of the Personnel Committee to contact you about your feedback or to discuss any matter, please provide your name and email below.
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