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Whuddup Grimsbros! We've had constant requests to continue producing more Norseman knives, and we definitely want to, however until we get completely caught up on Rask pre-orders we can't go crazy on Norseman. The majority of our focus is on the Rask knives, but we do want to make the odd Norseman here and there so that we don't forget how. This list will allow us to sell those knives randomly, securely, and fairly.

Here are the rules and expectations:
1- Enter your E-mail address and name.
2 - One entry per person. Duplicated are deleted automatically. If you forget whether you've already signed up, just sign up again, no biggie.
3 - These knives will be Makers Choice, the patterns/colors/details will be up to John and Erik.
4 - As we have knives available we will use to randomly pick a name from the list. We will e-mail that person a PRIVATE link to the website page for that knife with pictures of the knife and a price. You will have the option to accept and pay within 24 hours, or decline it and go back into the random list to be drawn another day, then we will pick another name at random.
5 - No deposit whatsoever. This is NOT a pre-order and you cannot choose your own options at this time. We might introduce that later on.

-John Grimsmo

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