CDPI 2020-2021 Content Sharing
The CDPI Board of Directors would like to feature content from members in our newsletter. We would truly appreciate you taking the time to share something exciting that is happening with your organizations and institutions, highlight a fellow colleague and member for their great work, or submit an article  about research or presentation material that would benefit membership!

Below in the form are three areas to include in the newsletter, please feel free to skip areas of the form that do not apply.

1. Exciting news you would like to share happening at your institutions (grant received, program, event, new initiative, etc.)
2. Highlight a fellow colleague and member for their great work (celebrating individual accomplishments)
3. Research or presentation material that can be a featured write up (specific topics that are more robust and information that can be shared with membership)

Please complete the form below to have your content published in the next newsletter.

Thank you for sharing and for your membership to CDPI!
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1.   Membership Highlight
Let CDPI celebrate with you! If a colleague or member of your team has done a great job, CDPI wants to hear about it!
Is this member aware you are providing this content?
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Include members name and position that you would like CDPI to highlight.
What would you like to share about this member?
2.    Highlight a Program/Best Practice
CDPI would like to share the great things our organizations and institutional members are doing.
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Provide a description of the program or practice that you would like CDPI to highlight?
3.   Featured Research or Presentation
CDPI would like to highlight the great work that our members are doing regarding presentations and research that you may have presented at a conference or written in another publication. If you are willing to share, CDPI would love to include your work in our newsletter!
Please share content that you would like featured in the CDPI newsletter. (400 words or less)
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