Kubernetes Master Class
Next December and January we will host a full-day training session about Kubernetes. It includes 2 hours of free Kubernetes training, and the rest of the day will be an advanced paid course, including best practices and the latest updates in Kubernetes. You may want to register for one and not the other.

* (Free) Introduction to the basic components of Kubernetes: Pods, Services, Deployments, Replica Sets, Ingress.
* (Free) Rolling updates and rollbacks with Kubernetes.
* Best practices with Kubernetes: resource limits, liveness and readiness probes, pod/node affinity and antiaffinity, taints and tolerations.
* Autoscaling, Autoupdates and Autorepair on Google Container Engine. Multi-zone clusters.
* CI/CD systems with Kubernetes and Helm.
* Monitoring and alerts of your Kubernetes cluster with StackDriver.
* Latest Kubernetes version updates: 1.6, 1.7, 1.8.

The cost of the paid (full) course is €390.

Parts of the theoretical concepts apply to any Kubernetes cluster, but the course includes code labs delivered on Google Cloud Platform. If you are interested in attending, please request to reserve your seat by filling the form below.

For any questions, please contact info@extrema-sistemas.com

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