Using Health and Social Care Information
We would like to hear from you on how and why you use Health and Social Care information.

When we say 'information' we mean:
• tables of data and statistics, or;
• information about that data, for example; what is collected, how it is collected and who is collecting it

Have you accessed the following types of information? (click all that apply)
Why are you interested in this information? (click all that apply)
How did you find this information? (click all that apply)
Please could you tell us a bit more about your experiences finding and using Health and Social Care information (bad and good!)
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In an ideal world, how should it work?
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Finally, if you are interested in taking part in a webinar so that we can explore this area with you more (which will be organised by both NHS England and the Department of Health and Social Care) please leave your email address below:
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