Exscudo Signature campaign form
It is very important to sign up with the email you have used to create your Exscudo personal account. If you still don't have one — please register here https://my.exscudo.com/web-cabinet/ui/signup

After we check your signature we'll list you here: https://docs.google.com/spreadsheets/d/1nu_8uXvpkNWtTrHGBemr3VTJRxbkQopry_90DENsFJQ/

1) Your Exscudo account Email
We will not publish it, but we need it to send you EON coins afterwards
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2) Your Bitcointalk username
Make sure you already have the signature and avatar
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3) Your Bitcointalk account ID
You may need to log out from your BTT account to be able to see the ID in your profile URL
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4) What's your account rank?
5) What is your current post count?
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6) Are you joining the avatar campaign as well?
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