2021 Finton Award Nomination
The MAEOE Robert Finton Outdoor Educator of the Year Award program will recognize an individual who demonstrates leadership and innovation in environmental and outdoor education. Bob Finton personified enthusiasm, innovation, and excellence in the field of environmental education, and this award will honor his memory by rewarding efforts to strive for these qualities.

• Recognition should be given to an individual who is a non-formal practitioner of outdoor education and works “in the trenches” as Bob did.
• The nominee can be a representative, either paid or unpaid, of a Maryland outdoor education center, non-profit organization, service organization, resource agency, education-related business, or other organization whose mission is environmental education. (Classroom teachers are not eligible for this award.)
• The nominee should demonstrate innovation and excellence in environmental education programming. Examples could include:
• A highly successful ground-breaking environmental education effort
• Innovation in developing new interpretive or instructional methods
• Development of a program that reaches new audiences or underserved populations
• Work in a program that promotes or increases conservation practices
• Programming that develops and supports a positive stewardship ethic
• The nominee may not be a sitting member of the MAEOE Board of Trustees

The MAEOE Robert Finton Outdoor Educator of the Year Award will be an annual award and will be presented to the winner each year at the MAEOE Conference.

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