Complimentary Marketing & Social Review
Congrats! You've made a smart decision to have an objective and knowledgeable party to review your current marketing and social efforts. You’re probably struggling with how to efficiently and effectively run your social programs each week. There is so much to do!

There's Google, blogging, writing ebooks, calling clients, cold calling B2Bs, creating programs or discounts? Perhaps you are doing email marketing, Instagram, LinkedIn, Pinterest, Facebook ads or print ads or mailers, not to mention networking, and add all of that to actually doing business!?

Do you really know which platforms are even right for your type of business? What should you pay for and what is good for free? How much time will it take to get good results and how do I make it manageable? Overwhelming isn't it!? (I am hearing the 🎶 Talking Heads song that goes, "I ain't got time for that now...")

These are all really good questions and I am sure you've asked yourself, how, when and how much!? To tell you the truth, marketing, and social media, in particular, are long game efforts. Sure, some people get lucky off the bat and get a viral video on YouTube or a heavily retweeted Tweet, but it is unlikely that your business is going to have that kind of overnight result.

Marketing is an investment in your business's future and the best way to attract the clients and customers that you want to do business with. Ultimately, it is a big win for you and your clients.

I am going to ask you a few quick questions so that I can research and put together an assessment and road map that is completely customized for you. There is no charge for this service and you are not obliged to use me for any future services. Just think of it as a friend doing a favor for a friend.

Of course, I do offer a more extensive audit as part of my marketing makeover programs, and I provide or arrange for all sorts of marketing services, and you can always inquire about doing a project together or ongoing services at a later time.

But for today, this is all at no cost to you! Let's get started!

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This is great! I have lots of information to review to put together an assessment of your current marketing efforts and I will recommend my makeover suggestions and provide you with some resources, or you could engage me to work with you in renewing and refreshing your marketing strategy, but of course, in no way are you obligated to anything. Thanks very much for your time and trust!

Katherine Lent, Queen City Social
Digital, Social and Retail Marketing Cincinnati OH

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