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Thank you for your interest in joining the Trans Journalists Association! Membership is free and welcome to anyone who's trans, nonbinary, or not exclusively the gender they were assigned at birth.

Right now, we tend to review membership applications twice a month. Please allow 2-6 weeks from your application to receive an invitation to the TJA slack and listerv. We are a volunteer-run organization processing applications as quickly as we are able. 

Membership approval grants you access to an online community of TJA members sharing job opportunities, mentoring one another, having discussions about our industry, and supporting one another in other ways. We may reach out to you for additional information to ensure the safety of our members.

We reserve the right to deny membership due to behavior that includes, but is not limited to, hateful or discriminatory rhetoric (including racism, xenophobia, ableism, homophobia, biphobia, transphobia, etc), bullying, harassment, abusive or demeaning conduct, and other behavior that stands in opposition to our Code of Conduct.

If you have questions about membership or this questionnaire, you can email
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Email where you'd like to receive a Slack and listserv invitation that is different from the email provided above *
You may prefer to use a gmail or personal email over a work email -- this is how you will log in to access member resources.
Are you trans and/or nonbinary? *
Is your gender different than the one you were assigned at birth? *
Please link to your LinkedIn profile, resume/CV, Muckrack page, or some other form of professional identification. This does not need to be journalism-specific (and it's totally fine if it's under a different name than you currently use). *
Please link to your portfolio if you have one, or provide a clip or two of your work. Self-published is fine! If you do not have any clips, please tell us briefly about your relationship to journalism and/or media (ie are you a student, aspiring essayist, new freelancer, occasional dabbler, etc). *
We ask all members to verify that they have access to the accounts that they are applying with. This is based on the verification process designed by OpenNews to keep their DEI Coalition Slack a safe and welcoming place. (

To do so:

- Please post "This message is to verify my membership request" in a tweet or another social account message and paste a direct link to that post. (You can delete it after you've been accepted!)

- OR Post the words “over with to within” in a tweet or another social account message and paste a direct link to that post. (You can delete it after you've been accepted!)

- OR Upload a picture to your Google Drive of yourself holding a handwritten message saying “TJA application” and your name for the application reviewers and paste the link below. YOU MUST be 1) present in the photo and 2) HOLDING a handwritten message. Separate photos of individuals and hand-written messages, or photos of individuals with digital text edited over them, will not be accepted.
Please link to your membership verification here *
Do you affirm anyone who does not exclusively identify as the gender they were assigned at birth can be trans, regardless of whether they seek transition-related care? *
The Trans Journalist Association is a new organization seeking to support trans voices in the media. What do you want to see from our association? This can include resources, professional development opportunities, advocacy, networking and social events, mentorship or anything else.
Is there already someone already in TJA who can confirm you are who you say you are? If so, please provide their name(s). This will help speed up the vetting process (but is not necessary for membership).
Is there anything else you'd like to share with us or we should consider for your membership application?
A copy of your responses will be emailed to the address you provided.
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