BOMA Sustainability Scholarship
The scholarship will be awarded to five recipients who are emerging or veteran professionals working in sustainability to attend the BOMA International Conference & Expo (conference). The scholarship covers one conference registration plus up to $1,000 to be used toward reimbursement of other associated costs (travel, hotel, etc.).

Eligible applicants will be current sustainability professionals or students with an interest in bringing their sustainability-minded goals and ideas to the commercial real estate industry to forward BOMA’s long-term objectives of energy efficiency and environmental stewardship. There is no age or experience limit; however, you cannot have attended the BOMA International Conference & Expo before. You do not have to be a BOMA member to be considered.
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Application Questions
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Other Requirements
Scholarship winners will receive a complimentary conference registration. Winners are responsible for making their own hotel and travel arrangements. The $1,000 stipend will be reimbursed as expenses occur and are submitted. Winners are required to attend the entire conference (Sunday, Monday, Tuesday), provide feedback to conference organizers on your experience, and share a testimonial that can be used to promote future conferences. Winners will also be asked to help recruit the next year’s class of scholarship applicants.
Questions? Contact Emily Naden, Director of Federal Affairs, BOMA International, 202-326-6326 or
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