Lifewire Freelance Technology Writer Application
Do you love writing about technology? Do you enjoy helping people learn things and solve problems? Are you the person everyone comes to for help in understanding how something works in a language they understand? If so, we need to talk.

Lifewire, one of the largest tech sites on the web, is looking for a number of experienced freelance technology writers who share our passion for creating content that leaves readers feeling educated, empowered, and understood. We’re looking for writers who think of themselves more as technology educators than journalists.

The audience we reach is not that of a tech enthusiast. No breaking news, insider jargon, or snarky pieces here. Technology is super important to our readers because of how it makes their lives better, not because they obsess over the technology itself. Our writers take pride in understanding this audience and knowing how to speak to them.
Must have:
* 5+ years demonstrable (with bylines) experience writing about consumer-facing technology
* Strong research skills
* Experience writing for a web-based publication
* Very high comfort level and demonstrable experience writing straightforward, practical, and instructional-style advice on technology
* Ability to write on a breadth of technology topics, across popular platforms and devices
* Ability to work on multiple simultaneous projects and meeting staggered deadlines
* Willingness to work closely with an Assignment Editor and Copy Editor
* Terrific skills in screenshot-taking and finding great images for your content
* Experience with a WordPress-style CMS
* A working Google Account and familiarity with Google Sheets
Nice to have:
* Experience working as a remote freelancer
* Experience working with an Assignment Editor and Copy Editor
* Demonstrable experience documenting processes
* Demonstrable experience creating curriculum or other educational content
* Experience creating animated GIFs or custom imagery
* Active social media following
Full Name *
Email Address *
Links to 5 live "how to" or troubleshooting technology articles you've written, aimed at an average consumer audience (i.e. not a technical audience): *
What we're looking for right now:
As mentioned, we’re primarily looking for technology generalists with experience across the gamut of modern technology, but if your focus is one of the following specialty areas, and you can show us examples of your work, written for an audience like Lifewire's, we'd love to chat:

* DSLR and mobile photography troubleshooting guides and tutorials (not covering photography, just the use of and troubleshooting of cameras)
* Troubleshooting: Windows, Android, Apple devices, Chrome OS/Chromebooks
* Home Theater: Troubleshooting, general concepts and tutorials (bonus points for brand-specific specialties)
* Tutorials: Android (especially Samsung), Chromebook, Office-type software
* Smart home, connected home, and iOT tutorials and concepts
* HTML/CSS concepts and tutorials
* VR/AR/MR concepts, tutorials, and app round-ups
* Linux tutorials
* General technology concepts
Your areas of expertise, from the above list or otherwise: *
What makes you feel qualified to call yourself an expert in the areas you've listed above? *
Please list the consumer devices, products, and services you have access to for creating instructions, taking screenshots/images, etc.: *
Every so often we have short deadlines (one-week turnaround). Are you available for quick turnarounds? *
Link to your resume:
Last but not least...
In case it isn't clear yet, we're not your normal news-oriented tech site. We're very instruction-driven and our goal is always to help and educate. Just because you know technology and can also write does not necessarily mean you can write great instruction-based content about technology aimed at a regular consumer audience! You need to identify as much as an educator as you do a writer!
Do you have the experience required to write great instruction-based content for a consumer audience? *
Anything else we should know? We'd also love to hear where you found out about us!
Our freelancer contracts last for up to one year and may be renewed. We require a minimum number of pieces to be submitted per month, a number we individualize with each of our writers based on their abilities and our needs. Most pieces are between 500 and 1500 words. We offer competitive per-article rates.
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