Jubilee Farm Quarter and Half Beef Shares
Complete this form to reserve your own quarter or half beef share. Our premium beef shares cost $5/lb hanging weight and average about 150lb per quarter. Butcher fees as well as cut and wrap costs are separate and will be paid directly to the butcher at pick up.

More info on our Beef Shares can be found on our website:

Along with this form, we ask for a $250 non-refundable deposit. You may either mail us a check for your deposit or request an online Paypal invoice. Your reservation is not complete until we receive your deposit either via a check in the mail or Paypal invoice.

We will be using Lind's Custom Meats in Kent, WA for our butcher. These shares will be ready in July. Beef will be available for pickup approximately 10-14 days after harvest directly from Lind's shop in Kent, WA. Either Jubilee Farm or Lind's will contact you to let you know when the harvest date is scheduled as well as when your beef is ready for pickup. Please be prepared to pickup your beef in a timely manner so as not to incur any additional storage charges.

If you order a quarter beef share you will receive a "standard cut" from Lind's. Because the two quarters on a half cow are very different cuts of meat, in order to keep the quarters relatively the same they need to standardize their cut and wrap process. If, however, you order a half you will receive a cut list from Lind's to fill out prior to them coming out to the farm.

By filling out this form you commit to purchasing this beef while it is a living animal. Jubilee Farm will maintain the animal until the scheduled butcher date.

*Lind's meats does not process the offal. If this is something you want, you will need to be available to pick up from the farm on the day of harvest. Offal will not be trimmed, cut or packaged, please bring appropriate containers to transport home. There is an additional cost per lb as this is not included in your hanging weight.
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