#MeTooMelrose: Your Story Matters.
#MeTooMelrose is a Collaborative Community Project
#MeTooMelrose is a joint project created by the Melrose Commission on Women, Melrose Alliance Against Violence, and the Melrose Human Rights Commission.

We are gathering stories and acknowledgements of sexual harassment, assault, abuse, and rape from those in Melrose and the local area. ALL victims and survivors deserve to have their voices heard, and all stories are welcome. If you aren't sure if your experience counts, it does.

If you don't want to tell your story, or aren't ready to, or can't, you can just write Me Too.

Your Story Matters. Make Your Voice Heard.
Your story can be as long or as short as you like. Me Too. Three words and a date. A detailed description. A poem. A paragraph.

* Stories will be shared ANONYMOUSLY unless you prefer otherwise.
* Entries CANNOT be traced to those who submit them.
* NOTE: Should entries include the names of perpetrators, those names will be edited out if shared for legal reasons.

We welcome hearing the impact of your experience, the change it wrought on you, your life, or anything else - negative or positive. We are seeking some stories that may eventually be shared aloud, anonymously or in person, that bring a longer view of impact, rebuilding, shaping and reshaping, creating anew and rising above.

After submission, now what?
Your story/stories may be printed and displayed. If you prefer NOT to have your story displayed visually, please indicate that below. Stories may also be read aloud by others at a future event.

If you DO NOT wish for your story to be shared aloud, please indicate that.

If you wish to share your story yourself, in person, please share your contact information.

Are you ready to share your story or acknowledge your experience with #MeTooMelrose? *
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