BOMA Survey
The purpose of this survey is to compare your building's energy use to Energy Star database of hundreds of thousands of buildings and then compare your buildings energy use to buildings in the Greater Chattanooga region. This survey is only for commercial offices (offices, medical parks, etc.) and multi-use (office, retail, residential) facilities. The information provided will be strictly confidential for particular buildings (see below)

Email address
Your Name and Job Title
Company Name
Property Address
Property Use/Type
How many physical buildings do you consider part of your property?
What year was the property built?
Lease Structure
If modified, how so?
Gross Floor Area
Floor Space Occupied
Weekly Operating Hours
How many workers are present during the main shift?
Significant Equipment Loads (i.e. Walk-in Refrigerators / Freezers, etc.)
Electrical or Natural Gas Heated?
Percentage Cooled
Percentage Heated
Is the company registered on with "My EPB Account"?
If yes, please include your username and password below. If no, please register your building. This will be used to up load your utility bills into Energy Star database.
Please upload an image of one bill for each meter of the building.
Confidentiality Statement
BOMA, BOMA's Board, and its contract labor agree to the following:

1) The parties hereby agree to disclose in a relationship of trust and confidence to one another, such confidential and proprietary information concerning their respective buildings and processes, in such detail as may be reasonably required to enable the parties to conduct effective discussions and evaluations of energy efficiency project opportunities and their use. All information furnished in the survey shall promptly be considered confidential.

2) The parties agrees to hold any and all information disclosed as in secrecy and confidence for a period of three (3) years from the date of the survey. Each party agrees to use such information only for purposes stated and to limit access of such information to those of its employees and consultants who reasonably require same for the purpose aforesaid. The parties further agree not to divulge such individual building information to third parties without the prior, express written consent of the other party, except:

information which is already in the public domain; which is published or otherwise becomes a part of the public domain through no fault or neglect of the receiving party; which the receiving party can show was already in its possession and was not acquired, directly or indirectly, from a third party under any obligation of confidence to the disclosing party; which the receiving party can show was received from a third party who did not require the receiving party to hold such information in confidence and who did not acquire it, directly or indirectly, from the disclosing party; and/or information which is independently developed by the receiving party without having access to the information received from the disclosing party.

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