IT4Anxiety - Initial Filtering Questionnaire
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Q1. What is your idea/product/innovation (brief description)? *
Q2 Tell us briefly about your team (Strengths and Skills)? Why is it a good mix? *
Q3. Who is your customer? And what customer problems are you trying to solve? *
Q4. What is the relevant, original or innovative aspect of your idea from the clinical viewpoint (please ensure this is clear)? *
Q5. What have you already done to test your product and ensure it works? *
Q6. What are the next steps in the pursuit of your idea? For example, we are carrying on the development for another 3 months to be ready to test *
Q7. What is your main motivation to join this project (i.e. the main value that you are expecting to attain from IT4Anxiety)? *
Q8.  What do you expect to achieve if you join this project (i.e. aims and objectives)? *
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