Design patterns for mental health and wellbeing services
Thanks for offering to submit your evidence and design pattern ideas. You can read a post here about the patterns and insight we’re collecting.

What is important is that you submit original evidence of some kind. If you don’t know what the pattern might be, or common insight feel free to just leave evidence with us to review.

It is helpful if there is a key learning you have identified that you think might be useful when designing services in the mental health and wellbeing space.

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What are your proposed pattern(s)? Your pattern can be common insight of learning or common set of user needs, a pattern or delivery style, a user need or something else. At this stage, it’s ok to submit something wide as we’ll help to organise it into a category
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Is your submission relevant to a certain ‘stage’ of a user journey? If so, what stage? Could you detail more about this journey?
Can you draw out specific evidence that supports your proposed pattern or principle? (E.g provide us a page(s) number and excerpt or quote)
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