JMUN 2018 - Conference Personnel Application Form
Hisar JMUN 2018 will be held between October 18-21. Please read the descriptions below to apply to your position(s) of choice. Keep in mind that becoming a conference personnel at JMUN is an important responsibility and any negligence on your part will not be tolerated. You may contact for any questions.

The deadline for this form is Sunday, September 23rd.

Distributing food and drinks during coffee breaks
Managing the seating plans of the committees

Printing resolutions and distributing them to the committees
Printing the newspapers daily and distributing them to the delegates

Assisting with the registration process
Helping delegates and advisors throughout the conference

Passing notes in the committees
Collecting and distributing assigned files
Correctly arranging the committees
Assisting the chairs during committee procedures
Showing delegates to their seats during ceremonies and plenary sessions

Being responsible of who enters and leaves each committee
Securing the voting procedure in committees
Assisting during the party and ceremonies
Correctly arranging the committees
Helping the Approval Panel staff in distributing resolutions

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Keep in mind that 6th graders can only apply to become admins.
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