Gladiator League Roster Transaction/Substitution Request Form
This is the official Titan Esports roster transaction/substitution request form. Team Captains should use this form to request a change in their roster or the addition of dedicated substitutes (please use the appropriate sections).
Team Captain IGN/Team manager name: *
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Update Roster/Include New Starter
To update your team's roster on a new starter, please use this section. Fill out all of the appropriate information. A reminder, for substitutes to not incur a penalty, they must be submitted through this form 24 hours prior to the start of a match. Substitution requests within 1 hour of the start of a match is considered an emergency sub, and will carry a 2-ban penalty.
Is the player an already approved dedicated sub?
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Position of roster transaction
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Name of player being subbed in: link of player being subbed in:
Name of player being subbed out:
Reason for transaction:
Choose which week this will apply for
Dedicated Substitutes
Use this section to apply for dedicated substitutes. Teams can carry a maximum of 5 dedicated substitutes. Rosters will lock after Week 9, and additional dedicated substitutes will carry a 2-ban penalty after this time.
Player IGN: link for player:
Player Position
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