When The Office Becomes Your Private Hell
TITLE VII tells the sordid story of workplace harassment that stems from a Black female CEO whose choice to ban any hires of Black employees comes with a price. Lurid displays of discrimination and unseemly behavior in the form of race, sex and even ageism cause the fictional offices of Sanger International to implode. The film has been described as "chilling," "dystopian" and just "daay-um!" In other words, hold on for a heck of a ride.

The film puts the spotlight on an even larger issue at hand.

Injustice on the job is a serious concern for millions whose livelihoods depend on the daily grind. We're here to facilitate a public conversation. Tell us by answering the question below, why your office has now become your private hell. Trust that you are not alone. Sharing your story will help so many. And by following #TITLEVIIFilm on social media, we introduce you to solutions. Let's get #JusticeOnTheJob!

The feature film, directed by Nicole Franklin, is a collaboration of EPIPHANY Inc. and FDUFilm. The screenplay co-written by Nicole Franklin and Craig T. Williams, is an adaptation of the novel Within The Walls by author Daisy M. Jenkins.

Visit the film's website @ www.NicoleFranklin.com/cine. TITLE VII of the 1964 Civil Rights Act bans discrimination in the workplace. This film is for Mature Audiences Only.

TITLE VII, a film by Nicole Franklin
Please answer the following: TITLE VII bans workplace discrimination on the basis of sex, race, color, national origin, and religion. How is your workplace becoming your own private hell? Don't stay silent! Your story will liberate others. Share your story anonymously and help us promote #JusticeOnTheJob. Please limit your answer to 150 words or less.
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