Girl Develop It Columbus Scholarship Application
Do you want to attend a GDIC class but are worried about the class fee? We are able to help some students out with a full scholarship.

* You must be a member of the Girl Develop It Columbus Meetup group (
* You are able to attend at least 3 of the 4 classes (for 4-class courses) or the full workshop (for 1-day workshops).
* You must apply by the deadline listed in the course description.

Please fill out the application and we'll let you know 5 business days before the class begins if you are a scholarship recipient.

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You must be a member of our Meetup group in order to be considered for a scholarship. Join here (it is free) if you are not already a member: We recommend using, at the very least, your first name and last initial so that we can easily find and register you if accepted.
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Please tell us a little bit about you, your current financial situation and why you are requesting the scholarship.
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