Bombassador Application
We are thrilled that you are interested in becoming a Bombassador! The Bombassador program is designed to create an authentic partnership with people who love the BB products, the Hushup X Hustle Lifestyle, and want to share their experience or progress with their friends and followers. We hope with your help we can reach even more people to help spread the Blender Bomb love! Below, you'll find an application so we can get to know you better, there are no wrong answers! Thanks for you interest and we'll get back to you as soon as we can if your application has been accepted!
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What it means to be a Bombassador:
If you meet the requirements listed below, you'll enjoy one FREE box of Blender Bombs of your choice per month. This is a three month program with options to extend. We want honest testimonials and opinions on BBs so that we can spread the word organically. Please don't use hashtags like #ad or #sponsored, but you must tag @blenderbombs and @hushupandhustle in every post. We really appreciate it :) Please email with any questions or concerns. We can't wait to get started! #bombassador
1. You have to be active on social media, either Facebook or Instagram!
2. Please follow the @Blenderbombs and @Hushupandhustle accounts on Instagram and Facebook.
3. We hope you love the Blender Bombs ;)
4. Post 4 stories per month about Blender Bombs and Hushup x Hustle.
5. Make sure to use your specific discount code to share with your followers for 10% off any order of Blender Bombs. (example: if you name is Kayla your code will be KAYLA10 unless otherwise specified)
7. Your Instagram profile must be set to public.
8. Do NOT post “#ad,” “#sponsoredpost,” or any similar related content suggesting an advertisement in any of your posts on social media, we want this partnership to be genuine and something you really believe in or incorporate into your daily habits.
9. In all stories or posts about BBs please tag @blenderbombs @hushupandhustle AND @bombassador (for our use only so we can make sure the requirements are met.)
10. We also use the hashtags #smoothiegamestrong #bombsaway and #bombassador. The hashtags are not mandatory but encouraged.
11. HAVE FUN and BE CREATIVE. This is a fun opportunity for you to get creative with your smoothie recipes, bowls, diet etc. and share with your followers about why you love the Blender Bombs and why they should too!! :)
12. We highly encourage you to like and comment on all of the posts made by @hushupandhustle and @blenderbombs! You never know, we may just send you an extra surprise for doing it ;)
13. This agreement is non-binding for either party. If you don't feel comfortable, just let us know. No hard feelings!
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