Application to become a Women in Games Ambassador
Thank you for expressing an interest in joining our growing network across the UK, Europe and beyond and becoming a Women in Games Ambassador.

Women in Games is a not-for-profit organisation founded in 2009.

We provide encouragement, support and advocacy for women and girls throughout the game industries and educational pipeline, both nationally and internationally.

Our mission at Women in Games is to achieve full equality of opportunity and treatment for all women working, or wanting to work, in the games and eSports industries.

Women in Games Ambassadors are vital to communicating and raising awareness of Women in Games and help us achieve our mission.

We encourage our Individual Ambassadors to support girls and women in understanding the game industries and the opportunities there are within it. To grow the membership of the organisation, to help it increase the reach and scale of
its programmes and help it achieve the strategic goal of doubling the number of Women in Games over 10 years.

Ambassadors are expected to reach out to:

* Young women at school, college and university locally in their region to encourage them to consider the games industry as a career.

* The local public, regional industry & educational leaders and local government to form partnerships and long term strategic relationships.

* Women and men allies and grow the WIGJ community and network.

Each ambassador receives a small fund (Currently £100 pa) to run an event or events.

Previously run events include meet-ups, workshops, portfolio reviews, coffee mornings, company presentations, school presentations, CV reviews etc. and they can be hosted inside companies, universities, schools, at career events and, of course, in more social spaces!

We are open to all ideas, you can also collaborate with another ambassador and pool your funds!
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Your application will be reviewed by the Women in Games Executive Board and you will be contact by Gemma Johnson-Brown via email to let you know the outcome, this will usually be within 40 days of your application being submitted.

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Women in Games
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