Book Orders for Kendall Grey's Upcoming Signings
If you'd like to reserve copies of one or more of my paperbacks at an upcoming signing to ensure you get one (I bring a limited number of books to each signing and often sell out), please fill out the form below. This form guarantees I'll have a book for you, and it also helps me gauge how many extra books to bring for others.

If you need to adjust your order (ESPECIALLY if you need to cancel), please contact me directly at kendall at kendallgrey dot com.

You don't have to pay for the book until you pick it up at the event. I accept cash and major credit cards. If you haven't picked up your book(s) fifteen minutes before the end of the signing, I'll put it up for grabs to anyone who wants to buy it.

FYI, if you already bought a paperback elsewhere or have other items you want me to scribble on, please bring them! You absolutely do NOT have to buy books to get my signature. I'll sign anything and LOVE talking to readers whether they purchase something or not. No pressure!

Thanks for your interest in my work, and I look forward to meeting you in person very soon!


Kendall Grey / Kendall Day / Seven Slade

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