Room Mothers 2018-2019
Dear Parents,

We are looking for parents PreK3 through 8th grade who would like to volunteer their time, energy, and enthusiasm to be a Room Mom for the 2018– 2019 school year. If you would like to volunteer, please read the responsibilities below, kindly complete this form no later than September 12th. Once volunteers are chosen the room mom meeting will be held on Friday, September 21 at 2pm in the OLGC cafeteria.

We would like to thank you in advance for your continued support of Our Lady of Good Counsel School. We will notify you as soon as possible if you have been selected. Room moms​ ​will​ ​need​ ​to​ ​attend​ ​a​ ​Virtus​ ​training​ ​session​ ​and​ ​be​ ​fingerprinted​ ​to​ ​comply​ ​with​ ​the Diocesan​ ​policies.


Marie Mosquera and Colleen Gallagher

Here is a list of some of the responsibilities:
Room moms are asked to email the families in their respective homerooms at different times throughout the school year. Emails may need to be made to find volunteers for the fun walk as well as for gathering volunteers for field day.
Room moms will gather, purchase, or organize classroom parties throughout the school year.
Physical​ ​Education​ ​Testing​ ​and​ ​Field​ ​Day:
Room moms will be asked to assist and schedule parents to volunteer for these activities.
Miscellaneous​ ​Functions:
Room moms are sometimes asked to chaperone class trips, make phone calls for conferences, help organize celebrations like the 8th grade dinner dance, confirmation and communions.
Teacher​ ​Gift​ ​Collection:
Room moms are asked to collect money at both Christmas and at the end of the year for class gifts.

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